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Ghosts in the Machines - Battlestar Galactica

Epsiode Synopsis

Daniel Graystone suspects that his daughter, Zoe's avatar is in a U87 Cylon model and sets about trying to force it to show itself. He starts by smoking, getting her to dissemble and then reassemble a weapon. Then he surrounds the robot with fire and then tricks it into shooting at the family dog. The U87 stays steadfast and the bullets aimed at the dog were blanks.

Joseph Adama travels the virtual New Cap City with Emmanuelle. They visit a virtual representation of his home which has been taken by someone else. After breaking in, they're confronted by a couple of people who are after exacting revenge because of what Tamara Adama had done to his friends. The incident is resolved by Emmanuelle shooting the hoodlums but she is nearly killed and therefore not able to help but she survives. She tells Joseph to man up or he won't be able to.

Joseph turns to his brother to find out how to kill. Sam Adama thinks its a joke but does tell his brother how to kill and then Joseph returns to the virtual world. They visit a burlesque club where he gets picked on by the compere who wants him to answer a question. The compere is a drag artists and there's people in skimpy clothes pole dancing. He doesn't answer the question and is ejected from the place. Joseph decides to exact revenge, steals some guns and goes back in. He makes every except the compere to de-res and then he manages to get the information he wants out of the compere.

Tomas Vergis, Daniel's competitor visits Amanda Graystone to tell her what he thinks of her husband.

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