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Battlestar Galactica - Greetings from Earth

Epsiode Synopsis

Whilst on patrol, Capt. Apollo and Lt. Starbuck come across an unknown orange space craft and get it brought on board the Battlestar Galactica. It is believed that the space ship is from Earth and so they are one step closer to their ultimate destination.

When personnel get on board the space ship, they find six people in glass tubes asleep. There's a man, a woman and four children. The news of the find spreads throughout the fleet. The Council try to take the initiative to gain control of the situation but Commander Adama is determined that the situation will be his dominion.

The man wakes up disorientated and when he leaves his shuttle, he shoots a guard then collapses. The man who is called Michael is put in a incubation tube so that he can get better. Michael isn't accustomed to the Galactica environment.

Adama agrees to the plan to get the space ship back into space. Apollo and Starbuck manage to sneak the bodies of Michael and his wife who had also been taken off the craft back onto the ship.

Cassiopeia agrees to go with the craft so that she can monitor the health of those on board. Apollo and Starbuck are to fly alongside the craft so that they can see if they go to Earth.

Michael wakes during the journey and tells Cassiopeia that he's turning off the homing signal so that the Eastern Alliance won't trace them to their new home. Its too late, a space ship from the Eastern Alliance has picked up the signal and is on its way to the planet.

When they land, they are greeted by two robots, one called Hector and the other called Vector. They look human with white faces, a gold nose and a white helmet. They break the news to Sarah that her father has died but everything is in place for them.

During the night, Sarah leaves the house and goes outside with the children following.

The next day, Starbuck has gone exploring and has discovered an empty city nearby. He believes he is hallucinating but when he reports back but he is told the city is actually real. Starbuck and one of the robots go back to the city to explore. When Starbuck wants to explore the data archives, the robot doesn't want to and so goes back.

Apollo meets with some of the locals who aren't happy about the newcomers but its ends in a standoff before the residents return back to where they came from. On the robots return, Apollo organises a rescue mission to go back to the city. Michael, Hector, Vector, Cassiopeia and Apollo venture down into the vaults to find Starbuck. Starbuck is lucky to be found alive and the locals turn up to help them out of the maze.

The Eastern Alliance has landed and so Apollo and Starbuck begin an operation to rescue those held hostage. Once the hostages are freed, Apollo, Starbuck and Cassiopeia use the Eastern Alliance craft to venture back to their Battlestar with the Eastern Alliance troops as prisoners. The Colonial Vipers that Apollo and Starbuck had come in were vandalised so they return to the Galactica using the Eastern Alliance battle cruiser. Sarah had vandalised the Vipers in order to keep the Colonial Warriors on the planet.

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