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Battlestar Galactica - Guess Whats Coming to Dinner

Epsiode Synopsis

Following on from the previous episode, Faith. Both the Demetrius and the damaged Cylon Basestar prepare to jump back to the Galactic fleet. A computer malfunction causes the Basestar to jump ahead, straight into the middle of the fleet. Commander William Adama is about to order a full on strike on the damaged battlestar but at the last moment, Col. Saul Tigh decides against it. At that moment, the Demetrius arrives and tells the Galactica what is going on.

Saul goes across to the damaged basestar for a meeting with Natalie, the defacto leader of the craft. Saul is interested in knowing who shot Lt. Felix Gaeta but no one reveals the identity.

Natalie reveals her plan to attack the Hub, a spaceship that is responsible for allowing Cylons to resurrect on Resurrection Ships. What Natalie wants is the unboxing of the D'anna Biers models and the only way to do that is to get to the Hub. Once the Hub is destroyed, they can get D'anna and reveal the identities of the final five. Natalie discusses with a Leoben Conoy and a Boomer clone that she plans to betray the Galactica Fleet when they have the identity.

Natalie is asked to appear before the Quorum of the Twelve, the representatives of the twelve colonies of Kobol. After she has appeared before them, Natalie has a change of heart and doesn't want to betray the Galactica fleet. In addition, she had hoped the four models that are in the Galactica fleet reveal themselves. However those in the fleet haven't. She decides to change the plan. Leoben is to deactivate the centurions whilst Natalie stalls everyone for time.

The reoccuring dream that Athena keeps happening is beginning to come real. Hera runs out of her room and along the corridor and comes across Natalie. When Hera refuses to come to her mother, Saul order Cpl. Tyrol to remove Hera which he duly does. Athena shoots Natalie.

President Laura Roslin and Dr. Gaius Baltar visit the damaged basestar to communicate with the Hybrid machine. As they plug the Hybrid in, the basestar jumps to an unknown location.

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