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Gun on Ice Planet Zero - Battlestar Galactica

Epsiode Synopsis

Part 1

During a routine patrol with a group of rookie pilots, one of the pilots is destroyed by a gun on an ice planet called Aracta. The other Colonial Viper crashes. Lieutenant Starbuck holds himself responsible for the crash so much that when the order comes to selecting people to go back to the planet to destroy the fun, Starbuck adds his name to the list of those able to deal with extreme cold weather.

The team that is selected to go down to the planet consist of mainly criminals and mercenaries. The operation is to be lead by Capt. Apollo with help from Lieutenant Boomer and Starbuck. The episode is very much a 'Dirty Dozen' in outer space adventure.

The team go down to the planet in a Colonial Raptor with one Viper providing support but that is destroyed in an attack by the Cylon Raiders. The Raptor crash lands and it is then that Apollo discovers that Boxey has stowed away with his mechanical dog, Muffet. The group make tracks with their armoured vehicle but it breaks down after a fight between two members of the group. The group fall asleep and wake up inside a home. The Home is inhabited by bearded men and blonde women who are all clones.

The Cylons capture one of the rookies that had earlier been shot down on the planet. They interrogate the warrior in a tube hoping to break him. The episode stars Roy Thinnes (Croft) of The Invaders fame and Larry Manetti (Giles) of Magnum P.I. fame.

Part 2

The Colonial warriors make it to the secret underground hide-out where the humans live. Apollo is taken to meet the creator and nearly gets caught by the Cylons who come to investigate details of a colonial sighting.

One of the criminals that make up the Colonials team breaks ranks and goes awol. He is caught by the Cylons and is interrogated. The criminal doesn't give up on his colleagues and instead blows himself up.

The groups split into two, Apollo to take a couple of the team to the top of the mountain whilst Starbuck and Boomer are to attack the base. On the way up, one of the criminals decides to make a break for freedom but the others decide not to go through with it and stick with the team.

When Starbucks team make it into the mountain, Starbuck breaks ranks briefly to go and rescue the Rookie pilot who got captured earlier. After rescuing, both teams are on track as the Battlestar Galactica nears the point where the gun's missile will hit and destroy the Galactica.

Count Baltar has been launching hit and run operations on the Galactica Armada in the hope it will make the Galactica follow into the path of the ice gun. With centons left, both teams manage to destroy their targets and blow up the gun.

Episode Details

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