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Battlestar Galactica - Hand of God

Epsiode Synopsis

Capt. Apollo and Lt. Starbuck take their girlfriends ( Cassiopeia and Lt. Sheba ) to the most secluded and top most part of the Battlestar Galactica to give them a view that they've never seen before. The location is referred to as the Hand of God.

Whilst in the Hand of God, they receive a hazy video message about a moon landing. The four go and wake Lt. Boomer up and get him to clear up the message. He can't do the visuals but does do the sound. After the rendering is done, they show the video to Commander Adama. The message is plotted and Vipers are sent in the general location of the message, a solar system with a number of planets. Starbuck picks up a Cylon Basestar so they retreat.

Commander Adama is determined that they go in that direction that he plans to take on the Basestar. Later, Apollo comes up with a plan, to knock out the Basestar by infiltrating the basestar and blowing it up. Commander Adama persuades Count Baltar to reveal secrets about how to destroy the Basestar in return for his freedom on a planet. Apollo and Starbuck take the Cylon Marauder that Count Baltar came to the Galactica in to the Basestar.

Cylon Marauders and Colonial Viper crafts line up for battle whilst Apollo and Starbuck manage to get inside the Basestar and blow up the weapons and scanners and escape. They loose the device that Boomer had created so that they could be identified by the Colonials and not fired on but they don't need it as Boomer recognises the flying pattern of the Marauder as not beiing Cylon.

At the end, back in the Hand of Gods, Apollo and Starbuck leave as a new message is received which they miss.

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