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Harper 2.0 - Andromeda

Epsiode Synopsis

Seamus Harper and Rebekah Valentine are on the Eureka Maru when they pick up a strange air bag and bring it onto the ship. When Seamus opens it, inside is a dying Perseid who on seeing the device on Harper's neck breathes on it then dies.

Seamus Harper starts to behave erratic but no one knows. Seamus also says things that are very intellectual and outside of what everyone expects of it. He gains the ability to talk in the Magog language. A normally passive Rev Bem goes made when Seamus says something that is not later translated into English.

The Andromeda Ascendant is contacted by Yaeger, a bounty hunter who is after the Perseid who died on the Ascendant. As the paper work is in order and that the person is dead, Dylan Hunt sees no reason why he shouldn't hand over the body and completes the transaction of sorts. Before the handover, Dylan notices a sign on the Perseids' hand and asks Rommie to identify it. The sign turns out to be that of a Commonwealth librarian.

The Bounty Hunter returns to his ship but can't find what he is after. The Bounty Hunter returns to the Andromeda to find what he needs. The Bounty Hunter is able to phase through flooring and walls.

When Trance Gemini does a memory scan of Seamus, they are shown pictures of the past, some in black and white.

Seamus steals the Eureka to lure the bounty hunter away from the Andromeda in a rare show of bravery. The Andromeda is unable to track Eureka after Seamus has built a wall in the slipstream.

Trance Gemini notices a fiery character that seems to be directing the Magog in one of the pictures.

The Bounty Hunter has caught up with Seamus. At that point, Dylan Hunt has come up with a plan to find Seamus, not by tracking the Eureka but by tracking the Bounty Hunter's ship. When they find the Eureka Maru, Dylan, Rebekah and Tyr Anasazi board the ship to rescue Seamus. The Bounty Hunter disappears through the floor and escapes to his ship. The Andromeda is ordered to shoot at the Hunter's ship and destroys it.

In Med-bay, after Seamus gets up and walks round, he notices a tatoo on Trance Gemini of a star.

The Bounty Hunter returns to his base where he reports to the Abyss to ask for more time but the Abyss doesn't agree to it and kills the Hunter.

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