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Harper/Delete - Andromeda

Epsiode Synopsis

Dylan Hunt, Beka Valentine and Trance Gemini have ventured onboard a High Guard space ship to investigate what happened on board the ship. They watch the events of the last moments via holographic video display. The viewing is cut short when Magog space ships are sighted.

Dylan Hunt reports back to Tri-Jema telling her what happened on board the space ship. Tri-Jema discuss information about the Nietzschean tribe that stole the weapon that was onbaord the High Guard ship. The Rakshasha pride is in a civil war, the brother and sister at the head of the pride are fighting for control.

The brother has the weapon that was on board the High Guard ship and the sister has her nephew and wants a trade. Dylan Hunt, Beka and Seamus Harper travel down to the planet where the brother has the weapon. Seamus Harper sneaks into the drone ship that is the weapon whilst Dylan and Beka cause a diversion. Throughout the rest of the episode, Seamus is trying to reconfigure the drone and mustn't be told anything that will alarm him and set off the weapon.

Dylan Hunt visits the sisters planet. Rommie, Trance Gemini and Beka Valentine spring the nephew out of prison. So that the alarms don't go off, Trance Gemini and Rommie stay in the prison cell whilst Beka returns to the Eureka Maru with the nephew. After a while, the prison cell is attacked and Rommie and Trance Gemini have to leave.

Dylan Hunt confronts the sister and end up playing 3D holographic fighting game. Dylan naturally beats the Nietzschean in the end. Dylan leaves without any compromise.

When Dylan returns to his ship, the File-D drone has taken off and is heading towards a Magog swarm. Dylan persuades the Nietzschean to stand down which after some persuading, the Nietzschean brother does. Dylan captures the File-D drone and when Seamus Harper exits the drone, he is surprised to see his colleague waiting for him.

Episode Details

Previous EpisodeDouble or Nothingness
Next EpisodeSoon the Nearing Votex

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