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Heart for Falsehood Framed - Andromeda

Epsiode Synopsis

Dylan Hunt oversees a meeting of Chichan of Pierpoint Drift and the Than. At stake is an artifact owned by one and stolen by the other. Assisting Dylan in the negotiations is Rommie.

Rebekah Valentine and her team set about stealing the artifact that the Than want returned. Whilst onboard the space station where the Andromeda Ascendant is docked, Rebekah has something stolen from her. After chasing the thief, she is tripped over by Hawkins, the security officer on the space station. Instead of Hawkins having the team arrested, he decides to let them go with a caveat that Rebekah joins him later. Hawkins is played by Anthony Lemke who is better known for his role as Marcus Boone in the science fiction series Dark Matter.

Rebekah agrees to meet with Hawkins in the space station garden where Rebekah gets close to the security officer. Its a ruse in order for the Andromeda team to get Hawkin's fingerprints.

The fingerprints are used by Seamus Harper to turn off the security field to enable Trance Gemini to literally swing into action to steal the artifact from the museum and replace it with a copy.

Dylan decides that the artifact has to be put back in its place. The artifact that they had stolen is actually a fake. Rebekah decides to get close to Hawkins and end up making love to him. Whilst Hawkins is asleep, Rebekah does some searching in Hawkins room and gets caught finding a feed of Trance stealing the artifact which Hawkins suddenly destroys.

Tyr Ansazi does some investigations on his own by persuading someone to get him some information. Tyr's investigations end up leading to Hawkins who tries to have Tyr killed but Tyr manages to escape.

Hawkins is lured to the Eureka Maru where Tyr spoils the romantic moment between Rebekah and Hawkins to arrest him and take him before the negotiations. Rebekah discovers that the artifact has a map of a star system in it before she gave the artificat back. In the end, the artifact is given to the right person just a swarm of Than craft arrive.

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