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Here Be Dragons - Battlestar Galactica

Epsiode Synopsis

Daniel Graystone and his wife, Amanda along with Sam Adama are travelling through the virtual world hoping to find Zoe Graystone when they take a breather. Zoe Graystone manages to change the horses that they had travelled on into dragons which are then shot, killed and deleted from the virtual world. Later, Sam reveals the real truth why he came along with them, Sam wants to kill Tamara Adama's avatar because its having a detrimental effect on Zoe's father, Joseph. Fearing that Sam might try to kill Zoe's avatar, Amanda shots and kills Sam so that he can't do it.

The Guatrau is persuaded by his daughter that the Adamas might die and so sends round a thug to kill them. The attempt on Joseph faulters when the assassin is killed by Josephs' mother who urges them to leave. Joe tries to contact Sam but get no answer.

Sister Clarice Willow and two of her family break into the Graystones residence and try to locate the husband and wife who are in a secure location at the bottom of the villa. The Graystones are unaware of what is happening upstairs.

On Gemenon, the leadership of the S.T.O. demand that Lacy Rand's boyfriend kill Lacy. When the boyfriend has the chance to kill Lacy, he doesn't and the leadership close in but are stopped by rebels within the faction. Lacy goes to their Cylon machines and wakes them up.

Zoe confronts her parents in the forest and threatens to kill them but this time Amanda does all the talk and wins over her daughter's avatar. Eventually Amanda wins her daughter round and then go to a virtual city replication of the Graystones home. When they take off their eye pieces they discover the break-in. The Graystones are saved when a Cylon machine that is in the room with only one arms springs to life and kills one of the intruders, Willow escapes.

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Previous EpisodeThe Heavens Will Rise
Next EpisodeApotheosis

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