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Battlestar Galactica - He That Believeth in Me

Epsiode Synopsis

The episode starts off where the last episode of the previous series ended with a full scale Cylon attack on the Galactica fleet. Every Colonial Viper is despatched to deal with the threat including one piloted by Samuel Anders. The battle ends when Sam comes face to face with a Cylon Marauder which after scanning eyes pulls back and the Cylon fleet withdraws.

Lt. Kara Thrace ( Starbuck ) returns to the Battlestar Galactica and is immediately under arrest. Kara wonders why she's under arrest, she's only been away six hours but to the fleet, she's been away for two months. Kara's ship is immaculate and has no sign of battle damage, its as if it was new. Every time the fleet make a jump, they affect Kara, she believes that they are heading in the wrong direction. When she confronts the Commander, Bill refuses to change course on the orders of President Laura Roslin. At the end of the episode, Kara takes things into her own hands and holds a pistol at Laura who was sleeping at the time.

Col. Saul Tigh is having trouble coping now that he knows he's a Cylon and imagines that he shoots Commander William Adama in the same way that Lt. Sharon Valerii ( Boomer ) had done in the first episode.

Dr. Gaius Baltar is led to a commune where he is treated as a Messiah which he protests he's not. A young boy is bought forward who is ill and the parents beg Gaius to heal him. He says he can't and is caught saying a prayer on his own and later for the child. Later in the episode the boy gets better.

Gaius is taken to the communal shower room to have a shave but is attacked by someone who holds him responsible for his sons death, Gaius is saved by the woman who took him to the communal area.

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