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The Galactica fleet has now split into two, one group remains with the Battlestar Galactica led by Commander William Adama whilst the other group is led by President Laura Roslin who has taken a third of the fleet to Kobol to search for a route back to Earth.

Onboard the Galactica, Adama is searching for a new Captain to take over the role that was vacated by Captain Lee Adama who decided to join the President who is now onboard the Astral Queen. During a team meeting, Tom Zarek is alerted to the fact that a Cylon Raider is heading towards their ship and Zarek wants to blow it up. The President holds off on ordering the destruction of the craft which the crew of the Raider finally reveals it contains Lieutenant Kara Thrace and friends. When Kara arrives on deck, she is welcomed back but when Lieutenant Sharon Valerii appears, Apollo threatens to kill her but Lieutenant Helo tries to prevent him from doing so but doesn't succeed. After the stand off finishes, the President orders that Boomer is thrown out the airlock and her orders are to be carried out despite Lieutenant Helo protestations. Eventually, the President holds back of throwing Boomer out instead, she throws Boomer in the Brig.

The President decides that she wants to go down to the planet of Kobol to find the route back to Kobol.

Tom Zarek discusses with a colleague, Meier of deposing the President and changing the course.

The new Galactica Colonial Viper and Colonial Raptor teams are unable to match up to what Starbuck and Apollo are able to do in terms of negotiating asteroids and helping crews to refuel. After Petty Officer Dualla speaks to Adama in private, he changes his mind and decides to bring the whole Galactica team back together again.

The President, Lt Helo, Starbuck, Apollo, Boomer in Chains and Tom Zarek visit the planet and make their way to the Tomb. During their journey, Priestess Elosha is killed in a land mine and Cylon attack. The ambush is resolved when Boomer blows up the Centurions.

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