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After a training exercise between the Andromeda Ascendant and the Castalians, Dylan Hunt receives a message from a small space craft that has arrived at their location. The pilot calling himself Lieutenant Brown has a video message from Sarah, Dylan's wife from 300 years ago. Sarah has agreed with what Dylan had once told her to do, to move on if Dylan ever disappeared. Sarah shows off her pregnancy bump. Lieutenant Brown reveals himself to be a descendant of Sarah's down the line.

Lieutenant Brown directs the Andromeda Ascendant to a planet called Tarazed where the descendants of the Andromeda Ascendant refugees are living, well away from all the death and mayhem that the rest of the universe is encountering. Rebekah Valentine was in the captains chair to direct the ship to the planet. The name Tarazed takes its name from a star in the Aquila, the Eagle constellation.

When they reach Tarazed, Dylan is welcomed by Rekel Ben-Tzion, a female who is an elected official of the planet. Seamus Harper joins the team on the planet and gets a little paranoid when Dylan is to be separated from the rest of the group. Rekel introduces Dylan to the planets inhabitants where one of the inhabitants is Telemachus Rhade much to Dylans astonishment. Telemachus is the descendant of Gaheris, the Nietzschean first officer of the Andromeda who betrayed Dylan three hundred years ago. Throughout the episode, Dylan has flashbacks in regards to his and Gaheris relationship including the lead up to the wedding and Gaheris being best man. Tyr Anasazi warns Dylan that he shouldn't trust a Nietzschean except of course Tyr.

There is a referendum on the planet on whether the planet should join the new Commonwealth which goes against joining. Telemachus reveals to Dylan that he was against the idea and therefore voted against joining.

Rommie reveals that Magog swarm ships have been sited on the outskirts of the solar system and all available battleships from the planet are sent to engage. Dylan calls off the attack as the Magog retreat. Something's not quite right. Lieutenant Brown doesn't retreat and goes onto destroy the Magog ship and ends up dying in the ensuing aftermath of the explosion.

Telemachus requests a face to face which Dylan agrees to and dismisses everyone off the bridge. When Telemachus arrives, the two men fight it out in the same way Gaheris and Dylan did 300 years ago. Unlike three hundred years ago, Dylan doesn't kill Telemachus and they come to some sort of understanding about the fake Magog attack. The Magog attack had been done to frame Telemachus but Dylan saw through it. Dylan and Telemachus confront Rekel about the attack.

Rev Bem tries to provide spiritual guidance to Dylan but this time round, Dylan decides to ignore Rev and tells him to go away. Trance Gemini plays no major part in this episode.

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