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Andromeda - If the Wheel is Fixed

Epsiode Synopsis

This is the conclusion to the two part episode where the first part was the last episode of the previous season. The Eureka Maru is back in the hangar bay but there's no sign of Rebekah Valentine or Tyr Anasazi. Seamus Harper has a device that he believes will be able to open the portal which works but it causes problems for the crew so its turned off.

Rommie is trying to decode the computers but the picture that is coming through is not clear enough. One thing that is surprising is the appearance of a Cat that appears in the picture. Dylan Hunt takes the Eureka Maru out towards the tunnel but not far from the Andromeda Ascendant.

During a tumultous scene, Beka and Tyr Anasazi both turn up out of the blue and without warning. They refuse to talk about what has happened. They say they don't know what happened. Later in Dylan's office, Beka presents Dylan with a cat which looked like what appeared earlier on the Maru.

Rebekah and Tyr rendezvous with each other in the hall way seemingly appearing from out of nowhere. The two crew members kiss one another as there's no one around.

Rebekah goes to the Eureka Maru along with Trance Gemini and disembark from the Ascendant. Onboard the Ascendant, Tyr lures Rommie away from the bridge then hijacks her. Tyr uses Rommie to control the ship including the gravity field. Dylan manages to escape the bridge and escape to where Tyr is controlling the Ascendant from.

Tyr and Dylan confront one another and fight. At the same time, Trance Gemini who had been stuck to a pole by Beka manages to break free and confront Beka. Seamus Harper activates a device he had been making and the two wayward crew members stop fighting. Neither Dylan nor Trance hold it against their fellow members. The wormhole has closed.

Later on, Beka catches Trance and Rommie having some time alone and Beka decides to join in. Rommie decides she longer wishes to have blue hair but red instead. Beka agrees and has the same idea for her hair before they all start talking about non-work things.

Dylan and Tyr start talking. We see Tyr missing his bone blades. Something in the wormhole caused his bone blades to go but nothing is said of them.

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