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Andromeda - Immaculate Perception

Epsiode Synopsis

The Gennites have attacked a Nietzschean outpost and are determined not to stop until all the Nietzschean Prides are wiped out. Tyr Anasazi relays a video of an attack to Dylan Hunt who agrees that something must be done.

Dylan plans to negociate with the Gennites but the main problem is Trance Gemini who is best in these situations is away at a state funeral.

When the Andromeda Ascendant comes into contact with the Gennites, Seamus Harper takes the Eureka Maru and offers to join them whilst Dylan and Rebekah Valentine try to negociate with the leader of the Gennites. Seamus's defection is actually a ploy.

Tyr Anasazi visits the Orca Pride where he is reunited with Freya who is the father of his child and partner. When the Gennites get close to the Orca asteroid, Dylan sends out an open message, expecting Tyr not to respond but Tyr does allowing the Gennites to locate the Orca Pride. The Gennites attack the asteroid forcing everyone to flee. During the attack, Freya is killed. Freya's mum escapes with Tyr's son. Tyr returns to the Ascendant five days later. Dylan can't understand why Dylan responded and gave away the location of the Orca Pride. Tyr just says it was a mistake.

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