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Incubator - Farscape

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After another failed attempt at wormhole travel, Scorpius decides to go into a subconscious state and bring Crichton into his world rather than visit him in his. Both Scorpius and Crichton have neural chips which allows Scorpius to probe Crichton for information. Once inside the state, Scorpius brings an imaginary Crichton into his world. His purpose is to tell Crichton about his up-bringing to try and persuade John Crichton to give him the technology he so much wants. Scorpius was born into the world by the Scarrans and was told his mother was a Scarran who had been raped by a sebacean. He is subjected to the heat which is deadly to sebaceans and told to be strong. The torture goes on and on until he manages to escape and make it to The Peacekeepers. Once with the Peacekeepers, he persuades a captain to give him a job with the peacekeepers and is successful. During his early part, he travels to where his parents left sebacean space for a better life, there, they are attacked by Scarrans and the man who married his mother is killed and mother taken. He discovers that his mother is sebacean not as they had told him. Before he can do anything, the Scarrans recapture him and torture him before escaping once more. Back in the imaginary world, Crichton fails to submit to Scorpius's pleas and walks away. When Scorpius wakes from his subconscious, he tries to remember some of the equations that he saw whilst out of it. Moya is visited by Linfer, a female Relgarian who had become impatient with the experiment that the sebaceans had been carrying out and decided to experiment herself with wormhole technology. The crew initially refuse her entrance but Pilot stating that Leviathans and Relgarians are friendly with one another let her onboard. She seems okay but as we learn later, the experiment she made didn't work and she begins disintegrating. At the end, she leaves Moya in the craft she came but she doesn't make it far before the craft blows up.

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