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Farscape - Infinite Possibilities

Epsiode Synopsis

Part 1 - Daedalus Demands

Whilst in bed, Aeryn Sun and John Crichton are alerted to the presence of a wormhole, similar to the one that they saw in 'A Human Reaction'. When they arrive on the bridge, an Ancient arrives in the form of John's dad Jack. He's mind scans John, after explaining that an alien race has gott hold of the Farscape module and are experimenting with it. He blames John for this. John explains that the unknown alien race might have got it from a technician called Furlow in a previous episodes. Dominar Rygel XVI recongises the aliens as Charrids, an alien race responsible for the deaths of a billion of his kind. John, Aeryn, Jack, Crais, Stark and Rygel visit the planet. Aeryn, John and Crais lead an attack on Furlows base. The planet is constantly being hit by solar flares which after the first battle between the Charrids and Moya , Crais is blinded. Stark and Rygel are called out of the landing pod, Stark is to take Crais back to Talyn. Once inside Furlows base, they rescue Furlow and kill the remaining Charrid leaving only one alive. When Rygel comes face to face with the remaining Charrid, he kills him in revenge for what the Charrids had done. Aeryn gets Rygel to man the gun turrets whilst she's dealing with Furlow with John. Furlow explains that she had hired the Charrids as security personnel before they betrayed her. The Charrids are in league with the Scarrans with a battle cruiser on the way. Before they can destroy the base, Jack needs to remove Harvey from John brain. Throughout the episode, John laps into another world with Harvey at the amusements. However it doesn't work, Harvey aka Scorpius takes over John.

Part 2 - Icarus Abides

The Scorpius personality "finally" leaves Johns brain. A Scarran manages to get aboard Talyn and attack Bialar Crais and Stark just after they realise someone else is aboard. On the planet, the Charrids are massing for an attack but don't attack.

John Crichton and Jack continue to work on the Farscape 2 module as they have designed it to destroy the Scarran warship. Whilst they do this. Aeryn visits Rygel outside who is still defending the base from attack nut when asked how he is doing, he replies he just wants food to keep him going. Furlow kills Jack because he wanted to the destroy the Farscape 2. With it destroyed, she can't make any money from it. Two Charrids rappel from the ceiling and discuss what they plan to do with Furlow then leave. John at first doesn't know what to do with the machine then realises what he's got to do and continues what they had left off.

Aeryn visits Rygel again. Furlow turns against John, destroying his goggles then escaping. John chases after Furlow in a dune buggy and Aeryn runs and joins him in it. She leaves soon to take out a different buggy and drive off with it. John catches up with Furlow but the bright light incapacitates him with Furlow walking off without the device. John takes off with the Farscape whilst Aeryn stays with the base and plants explosions all over the place. John creates a wormhole with the device and the Scarran dreadnought is swallowed through. During the last exchange with Furlow, John was blasted with a deadly dose of radiation. His friends say their goodbyes to him onboard Talyn.

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