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Andromeda - In Heaven Now Are Three

Epsiode Synopsis

With Rommie and Seamus Harper off the Andromeda Ascendant on a mission together. Rebekah Valentine turns to Tyr Anasazi for help in an archaelogical adventure. Tyr isn't interested so Rebekah turns to the one person she was hoping she didn't have to turn to, that is Captain Dylan Hunt. Dylan takes little persuasion and agrees to go with Rebekah and Trance Gemini to find the Engine of Creation, a mythical Mace.

The adventure is heavily influenced by indiana Jones films and stories. The planet that they visit is similar to the jungles that appeared in the beginning of the first Indiana Jones movie and in the fourth film. It's also complete with traps that you see in the Indiana Jones movies.

They are not the only three people groups looking for the object. They find out group who have all been killed and another group that aims to beat the Andromeda group. One of the other group, Flux turns out to be from the same race that Trance Gemini comes from. Unlike Trance, Flux is blue-green in colour and is male.

After finding where the Flux should be and coming into contact with the other group again, both groups are captured by the indigineous populace. A representative of each group is forced to fight the other, Dylan represents the Andromeda with Fletcher representing the other group. The two men must fight to the death.

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