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Into The Labyrinth - Andromeda

Epsiode Synopsis

Dylan Hunt has organised a meeting with representatives of the members of the new Systems Commonwealth onboard the Andromeda Ascendant when an unexpected guest turns up, Charlemagne Bolivar and he's a Nietzschean from the Jaguar Pride. Tyr Anasazi doesn't seem to be fazed by the appearance and welcomes him like everyone else. One of the visitors is Seamus' Perseids friend.

Also at the meeting is a reporter called Satrina who has taken a shine to Seamus Harper. Latter on, Satrina offers to remove the Magog eggs that are in Seamus Harper's stomach in return for information from a library. Seamus agrees to get the information. Trance Gemini tries to find out what Seamus is up to but doesn't have much luck.

Seamus tries to track down the information and when he tries to access data banks, holographic versions of himself prevent him from accessing the information. He finally discovers that the information is held near a star and heads off in the Eureka Maru to get the information.

When Seamus finds the information, he manages to trick Satrina as she hasn't been playing ball with him. Satrina removes six magog eggs, still leaving six in. When Seamus hopes that Satrina will remove the rest, Satrina leaves but returns when Seamus has betrayed her.

Assassins that are working with Satrina board the ship forcing Tyr Anasazi, Rommie and Rebekah Valentine to deal with the threat. In the end, Seamus disables Satrina's ship and the assassins are disabled at the same time.

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