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Into the Lions Den - Farscape

Epsiode Synopsis

Part 1 - Lambs to the Slaughter

The crew of Moya have arrived on Scorpius's battle cruiser after Scorpius gave John Crichton cast iron assurances that everyone would be safe onboard the cruiser.

For Aeryn Sun, this would be a home coming, she had previously been stationed on the cruiser and so would be bumping into people she had met previously who would accuse her of being a traitor. Bialar Crais has also had a homecoming including to an ex-girlfriend of his who still harbour feeling for him and shows it when they are reunited.

The crew of Moya have gone onboard the battle cruiser for information about their past lives in return for information of wormhole technology. Crichton is given a work station to work with one of the non-sebacean scientists who work for The Peacekeepers.

Dominar Rygel XVI gets information about his home worlds and Ka D'argo gets his prisoner collar removed so hes a fully free man again.

During some Rest and Relaxation, Captain Ka Dargo and Joolushko Tunai Fenta Hovalis are attacked by a man with an electric saw for a hand. The man is killed by falling on his blade when D'argo moves out the way after being attacked. Ka D'argo returns to Moya and Chiana and Jools. They discover that the Peacekeepers have betrayed them and arrested them. The Crew are taken onto the battle cruiser where the leader of the capture party is revealed to be Commandant Mele-On Grayza.

Crichton confronts Scorpius about the capture and forces Scorpius to release and tell Grayza to leave the station.

Later on, another attack occurs on Crichton and Aeryn which after John escapes from, he goes to confront Scorpius where it then looks like the amnesty has been cancelled.

Part 2 - Wolf in Sheeps Clothing

John Crichton has decided that Scorpius's battle cruiser must be destroyed so that the information on wormholes do not fall in the wrong hands. The other agree.

Bialar Crais alerts Scorpius to the plan who then orders the arrest of Chiana, Joolushko Tunai Fenta Hovalis, Captain Ka Dargo and Dominar Rygel XVI and put them in prison.

Bialar tells Aeryn Sun of the plan then they both tell Cricthon of the plan together. John is tasked with arranging a diversion so that Bialar can get onboard Talyn.

The plan is to blow up Scorpius's battle cruiser by getting Talyn to initiate starburst whilst inside the battle cruiser. There should be enough time to evacuate everyone onboard the cruiser before the cruiser is blown to smithereens. John takes Scorpius on a ride through a wormhole to get him off the ship so that Bialar can get into Talyn. The plan to get onto Talyn doesn't go according to plan but Aeryn literally swings into action to rescue Bialar.

Once Scorpius and John are back onboard the battle cruiser, Bialar sends Scorpius a good bye message and then initiates startburst which then starts to destroy the cruiser. John goes to visit the Peacekeeper scientist and persuade the scientist to have his memory cleared so that the information on wormholes has gone. The scientist agrees to the plan and John begins to wipe his memory. John confronts Scorpius one last time to get the code to release the bracelet he has been wearing whilst onboard the cruiser. Crichton asks about Earth which Scorpius had threatened to destroy but Scorpius tells him that Scorpius has more important things to worry about in the form of the Scarrans attempting to control the galaxy.

D'argo, Jools, Chiana and Rygel are rescued from their cell and every member of Moya is safe aboard Moya. On board there is a reflection of what is to happen as the crew are about to go their separate ways.

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