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Epsiode Synopsis

Tom Paris decides to leave the USS Voyager and join a Talaxian mining colony. After he has gone, there is an accident in the warp core.

Neelix does some investigating as to why Tom wanted to leave the craft and is called to Captain Kathryn Janeway where she, Tuvok and Chakotay tell Neelix the truth. Tom has been acting strangely in order to flush out the

A spacecraft containing Talaxians tell Voyager that Tom has been captured by a Kazon tribe. The Kazon ask Tom to join him which he seems to oblige.

When the Kazons aren`t looking, Tom is able to discover who is the traitor aboard Voyager who is passing information to the Kazon.

Neelix is in engineering with Jonas who is the Kazon spy, when Jonas fails to increase the power to transport Tom back on board, Neelix takes action and manages to rescue Tom and also kills Jonas.

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B`elanna TorresChakotayDoctorHarry KimKes
Seven of NineTuvok   

Associated Aliens

NezuOcampanSpecies 8742TaresiansThe Swarm

Associated Spaceships

Delta Flyer    

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