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Islanded in a Stream of Stars - Battlestar Galactica

Epsiode Synopsis

After Boomer had escaped with Hera, the Battlestar disintegration increases. There is a new hole opening up on the side of the ship where a number of humans and Number Six clones are working together to repair the damage. Whilst we only see one Cylon get killed, it is reported a number of people are killed in the accident.

Boomer takes Hera to the Colony where she hands over the child to John Cavil who hopes that the child can unlock the future of the Cylon race so that they can procreate. Helo begs Commander William Adama to allow him to go rescue his daughter but Adama rejects the request.

Samuel Anders is linked up to the Galactica's computers and Lieutenant Kara Thrace confronts Samuel and points a gun at him when they are alone. In following minutes, Samuel wakes up and causes an outage on the Galactica. Kara had promised that she would kill Sam if she ever found out he was a Cylon but when it came to it, Kara doesn't pull the trigger.

Episode Details

Previous EpisodeBattlestar Galactica - Someone to Watch Over Me
Next EpisodeDaybreak

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