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It Makes A Lovely Light - Andromeda

Epsiode Synopsis

The episode starts off with a disaster with Dylan Hunt running to where the problem is. There is no problem, the others had discovered that its Dylan's birthday and set up a birthday surprise. Seamus Harper had to disable Rommie's routine to prevent her from alerting the Captain.

Beka Valentine says she knows where Tarn-Vedra is and will pilot the Andromeda Ascendant to the location. Tarn-Vedra is Dylan's home world which had been cut off from the slipstream for the last three hundred years, the same length of time that Dylan was frozen in time in the event horizon in the black hole.

The journey starts off well with Rebekah taking the Andromeda to well known stars, Capella and Algorab. Trouble is not too far away when they get too close to the double supermassive black holes at the centre of the Andromeda Galaxy Rebekah says she can handle it and eventually proves her worth.

When Rebekah is ordered to relax, she visits Trance Gemini who is being cared for by Rev Bem. Trance Gemini is affected by the slipstreams, every time the Ascendant goes through a slipstream, Trance's health deteriates. Trance catches Rebekah taking Flash but it too unwell to do anything about it. Later, Seamus Harper also catches Rebekah taking the drug but he is sworn to secrecy much against his better intentions.

Tyr Anasazi reveals to Dylan Hunt that Rebekah is taking the Flash drug when Rebekah becomes a bit neurotic on the bridge. Dylan orders her removal and be taken to the medical bay where Rev Bem will look after her.

When Rebekah is left alone, she disables Rev Bem and breaks into a secure part of the ship and takes control of the Ascendant using secret doors into the system that Seamus had put in at the start. Rommie is disappointed that all the lockouts hadn't been disabled. Andromeda Ascendant is flying too close to a quasar. A quasar in real life is a active galaxy and too big for the Andromeda to just fly too in the Andromeda Galaxy that they are.

Dylan distracts Rebekah whilst Seamus breaks into the control room and disables Rebekah. Rebekah is taken to the medical bay where she sleeps off the rest of the drug and wakes up back in health again.

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