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Its Hour Come Round at Last - Andromeda

Epsiode Synopsis

Dylan Hunt and Rebekah Valentine are celebrating the first year in recreating the new System Commonwealth with the sixth planet signing up. Celebrations aren't going to last that long.

While doing some routine investigation into Andromeda's memory core, Seamus Harper comes across a memory that he's not familiar with and accidentally reactivates the memory. The old memory takes control of the computers and the holographic version of Rommie but not the robot version.

Rommie doesn't recognise any memory of the crew and seeks to send the crew into space by decompressing the space ship except for Trance Gemini. According to Andromeda, the captain is called Perim, a Perseid and they are on a top secret mission. Only a flesh and blood person can pilot the Andromeda Ascendant so she plans on keeping Trance Gemini to use as a pilot. Dylan Hunt orders battlestations for the crew.

Trance Gemini obeys Andromeda Ascendant and takes the ship through a slipstream. At the far end of the slipstream, the Ascendant Ascendant is attacked by Magog battleships that penetrate the ships outer shell and the Ascendant becomes overrun by tens of Magog.

Dylan orders that Tyr Anasazi provide all necessary protection for Seamus Harper until they manage to get back control of the ship. Rommie is sent to protect Rev Bem and Trance Gemini. Rommie is able to find Rev Bem but unbeknown to her, Trance Gemini is piloting the craft.

Rev Bem makes contact with Bloodmist, the leader of the Magog attack force who tells Rev Bem to return to the fold however Rev Bem doesn't want to. In the first encounter between Rev Bem and Bloodmist, Rommie arrives to rescue Rev Bem.

It transpire that Rommie's memory is of when Perim was leader and his mission was interrupted by an attack by the Magog. The entire crew of the Andromeda Ascendant back then were slaughtered.

The assualt proves too much for the crew of the Andromeda Ascendant as the Andromeda slipstreams again. The Magog manage to overpower Tyr Anasazi and Seamus Harper when the humans have run out of bullets. Tyr resorts to using knives but it is not good enough and eventually they are overpowered and heavily bleeding. Rommie is speared when the Magog leader returns for a second attempt.

Dylan Hunt and Rebekah Valentine make it to the bridge with Dylan severely damaged and bleeding. The Andromeda Ascendant slipstreams once more and comes face to face with the Magog Worldship.

The title comes from a poem called the Second Coming by Irish Poet W.B. Yeats in 1919.

To Be Continued.

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