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I-Yensch, You-Yensch - Farscape

Epsiode Synopsis

Rygel and D'argo visit an inter-galactic dinner to meet with Scorpius to make a deal. To prove that Scorpius can be trusted, Captain Meeklo Braca and Captain Ka D'argo wear bracelets so that if one person is hit, the other feels the pain as well. Their meeting is interrupted by a group of hostage-takers who want money in return for their release. Above, Talyn fires upon a hospital ship with 600 people onboard ignoring every ones pleas, John Crichtons, Bialar Crais and Aeryn Sun. Talyn goes into shut down mode and refuses to talk. The two blue faced aliens who exhibit monkey sounds try to strike a deal with Rygel for his and the others release. Bracca becomes tired and has the same affect on D'argo rendering him useless. This leaves Dominar Rygel XVI and Scorpius to talk their way out. One of the hostage takers orders Rygel to shoot someone so he shoots Scorpius hoping that he has a body armour. Rygel discovers that the hostage takers are in league with the diner owners which makes things worst. Moya is attacked by Talyn when he comes on line prompting Aeryn, John and Crais to visit Talyn to try to talk some sense into them. Rygel hatches a plan with Scorpius to escape form hostage-takers. The plan works as Crais manages to shut down Talyn.

Episode Details

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