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Farscape - Jeremiah Crichton

Epsiode Synopsis

After a heated argument, Crichton leaves Moya in his Farscape module for a moment of solace. Moya unexpectedly starbursts out of the area leaving John Crichton alone. Three months later, John has now landed on a planet with a Polynesian tribe keeping him company. He can't go anywhere because the Farscape module no longer has any power, its been drained. A tribes woman Lishala has chosen him as a mate which has upset the man, Rokon who was originally going to be that mate. When Rokon and his fellow tribesmen ambush Crichton, Captain Ka Dargo who had just arrived on the planet with Dominar Rygel XVI fight off the attackers. Crichton is not pleased to see D'argo and accuses him of leaving him behind. Rokon explains about the man creature to the Tribal Leader who agrees to hunt them down and bring them before him. After capture, the tribesmen raid Crichtons base and take Rygel away in a sack unwittingly. Just before Crichton is about to be killed, Rygel appears from the sack and is immediately treated as being a God and worshipped. His colleagues lives are saved for the moment. Rygel becomes a god-like person. The High Priestess hands Rygel the religious scriptures and explains he needs to fulfil the prophecy. During a lull, Crichton and D'argo are down by the river when an object that was sent by Aeryn Sun lands in the water. Inside is a map which they return to the village with. The tribe are burning all their possessions in the hope of getting off this planet. As Rygel can't fulfil his prophecy, he is to be killed. Crichton realises that Rygels hands must be placed in the marks on the stone statue of him so he grabbed Rygel. Once Rygels hands are placed there, the statue falls apart and the planets energy is returned. Rygels vehicle takes him into the air and orders that he be not a god and the priestess have tricked the tribe. The tribe turn against the Priestess. Now that the power drain is over, the trio return to Moya.

Copyright: Henson

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