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Farscape - John Quixote

Epsiode Synopsis

During a lull in activity, Chiani is looking through a few nick-nacks and finds a device that will take the persons into a virtual world. However, Scorpius manages to trick Sikozu into releasing him from his cell. Chiana has managed to pull John into her world. The world is modelled on Don Quixote, a Spanish tale of a man who rescues a maiden in distress. There are a few differences such as the camper van that appears in one of the adventures. His objective is kiss the maiden. Only by kissing will both he and Chiani both leave the game. John believes that Aeryn Sun is the princess that needs to be kissed. In this episode Aeryn has blonde hair rather than her natural brown hair.

Only by kissing Aeryn and being unable to escape the game does he realise who he has to kiss. The game was designed by Stark so John realised that the real person he had to kiss was Pau Zotoh Zhaan. By killing the ogre in the camper van and releasing Zhaan is he able to leave. He fritters between the real and the virtual world trying to solve two mysteries. In the real world, he is betrayed by Aeryn who sides with Scorpius for brief time.

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