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Killjoys - A Glitch in the System

Epsiode Synopsis

The Killjoys are inside an asteroid belt when they discover an empty ship and decide to scavenge it. Lucy reveals that there are no life signs on board so Dutch ventures into the craft first. The three killjoys explore and eventually come across injured life, one who never reveals his name, the other an ex-soldier Hogan, like D'Avin Jaqobis.

After investigations, D'avin is betrayed by Hogan and placed in a cell. John Jaqobis gets to the truth of whats going on onboard the ship by analysing the ships computer while Dutch goes in search and rescue for their kidnapped colleague. It turns out that the ship is a black-ps interrogation ship that Hogan used to interrogate and ultimately kill his colleagues. After the three killjoys get off the ship, the ship is blown up.

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