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Killjoys - Bangarang

Epsiode Synopsis

After a successful bounty hunt together, John Jaqobis decides to take a break, much to Dutch's surprise but she lets him. John has gone in search of his brother who is their latest target for a kill order. John catches up with his brother on Arcturus, a space ship where people are seemingly fighting to the death. Its not before long that Dutch finds out what is happening and joins the two brothers onboard the ship to help them escape.

In order to break the kill order on D'Avin Jaqobis, they decide to go after a bigger prize, someone who is masquerading as a monk on Qresh, the largest planet. The plan works and the kill order is rescinded on D'avin. Along the way, Dutch meets up with who it seems is Dutch's father or mentor, the person who taught her how to kill.

Dutch is supposed to be kicked out of the R.A.C. but someone is protecting her. Dutch's superior is determined to find out but until then, Dutch will remain a Killjoy along with her partner and his brother.

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