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Killjoys - Come the Rain

Epsiode Synopsis

On Westerley, D'Avin Jaqobis and Dutch accept a new job to pick up an object from Leith and bring it back to Westerley that John Jaqobis had accepted on their behalf. Whilst they are away, Old Town, the Killjoys home town is hit by an acidic rain storm forcing everyone to take shelter in Pree's bar including some criminals.

Outside, the company executes a trio of criminals by exposing to the rain. Inside, a Company official tries to take out the criminals and ends up injuring one of the criminals. John is forced to go into the tunnels under the city to get a drug that will help John's girlfriend Doctor to steady her nerves whilst she operates on the injured.

After collecting the object and waiting for the storm to subside high above in the clouds, the object that Dutch and D'avin had collected comes to live. John had programmed the object to disable the ships computers until both D'avin and Dutch reveal something about themselves to one another. Dutch reveals she was once in love but her fiancee was killed by Khlyen who wanted her to be an assassin not a wife. The computer can't be disabled but in the end, D'avin smashes the item on the ground and the ships computers are back on-line .

Copyright: Syfy

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