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Killjoys - Dutch and the Real Girl

Epsiode Synopsis

D`Avin Jaqobis is missing and information leads them to Arkyn but when they get to the planet, they can`t enter the atmosphere and leave. They are told that they need a device to get onto the planet. The only way is get it on a barter town, a town that Max Rockatanksy wouldn`t look out of place. The only way is if they`re with someone wanted for a serious crime which Pree turns out to be wanted for.

On the planet, Dutch colours the ends of her white and is smuggled into the place inside a gun basket. Pree and John Jaqobis pretend to be a bickering couple. Pree and John causes a disruption in the base which allows Dutch to find the item. Dutch finds the item and discovers that its inside a girl with a machine gun for an arm, Clara and the two escape.

The Killjoys enter the planets atmosphere and rescue D`avin who has escaped with the help of Khlyen. Khlyen had been experimenting on D`avin to see if D`avin could become a level 6 agent, tests prove inconclusive. The name of the installation on Arkyn is Red-17.

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Associated Characters

Alvis AkariLucyPawter SimmsTurin 

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