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Killjoys - Enemy Khlyen

Epsiode Synopsis

John Jaqobis introduces Dutch to someone who might be able to help them discover where Khylen is currently holed up in. Dutch decides to agree to the memory link and is put into a machine. Even though it is painful, Dutch carries on with the operation and discovers that Khylen is onboard the R.A.C. Headquarters. John and Dutch plan a course of action in Pree's bar when D'Avin Jaqobis offers to help which the other two accept.

The three Killjoys journey to the R.A.C. where they use the pretense of splitting the group up which the R.A.C. then allows them onboard the ship. Turin can't decide whether the break up is a ruse or for real but accepts their decision and authorises the breakup. On the way out, D'avin drops a device on the ground which shorts out all the electricals, D'avin hadn't told the other two about so they could plead ignorance if ever question. Dutch makes her way to the 71st floor where Khlyen is holed up. Khlyen disables Dutch then challenges her to a fight. In the end Khlyen wins then Dutch threatens to kill herself if her questions aren't answered. Yelena as he calls Dutch is his only weakness and so she uses against him.

D'avin is captured by Turin who wants answers but he's not able to give. When Khlyen is out of the room, D'avin short circuits the handcuffs holding him in place and escapes. D'avin joins up with John and Dutch and they proceed to escape. Dutch stays behind so that she can free the ship. Turin confronts Dutch but is saved when Turin is speared through the heart by Khlyen. Khlyen picks up Dutch and puts her in an escape pod and shoots her off the craft. Khlyen takes Turin away bleeding. Dutch returns to the other two in Westerley as Alvis Akari is arrested.

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