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Killjoys - Escape Velocity

Epsiode Synopsis

Dutch believes she might be able to identify where Khlyen is after being put through a mind transfer machine. The machine transfer her mind to a corridor onboard the R.A.C. spacestation. She tells the Jaqobi brothers that she's going after him and the two brothers agree to help Dutch.

The killjoys use the ruse that they wish to disband their group. Their senior officer agrees to the disbandment. On the way out of the room, D'Avin Jaqobis releases a small device that shuts down the spacestation. The three killjoys split up. Dutch climbs the levels to confront Khlyen whilst D'avin hands himself into Turin to occupy Turin and distract him from the others.

When Dutch reaches Khlyen, Khlyen disarms Dutch and the two spar with sticks. After Dutch looses, she threatens to kill the person Khlyen cares for more than anyone else and that is Dutch herself. Khlyen begs her not to. Dutch leaves without getting any answers.

D'avin manages to escape from Turin and make his way to Lucy, Dutch's spacecraft. The Jaqobi brothers make it to Lucy but Dutch stays behind. Turin confronts Dutch and is shot but is saved by Khlyen who stabs Turin and takes Dutch to an airlock to save her from the station. Khlyen takes Turin and walks off.

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