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Killjoys - Full Metal Monk

Epsiode Synopsis

John Jaqobis is incarcerated in a prison where Dutch leaves him so he can be released when Pawter Simms arrives. When Pawter eventually arrives, she orders Jelco to release John which he does.

D'Avin Jaqobis is in a meeting in old town with Turin when they are attacked by an unknown assailant. During the fight, the attacker's head explodes after D'avin thinks about it.

Dutch and D'avin visit Alvis Akari at the Scarsback monastery on Leith. They question an unwell man who shows them a writing that are in fact a map to a location on Arkyn.

Dutch, Alvis and D'avin leave Leith and locate a strange box on Arkyn. When the three enter the box, the box falls down a big hole. When they arrive at the bottom, they discover an operating theatre with dead people. Alvis locates a survivor whom they free from his prison. They question the survivor who doesn't give much and is eventually put out of his misery which he had asked to be.

John and Pawter are investigating supplies in Old Town which is cut off from the rest of the planet. It soon becomes apparent that the limited supplies are all in fact all and are affecting everyone mentally.

John and Pawter visit Pawter's flat where they dress up and call upon a friend to visit. When the friend visits, Jelco gate-crashes the party and kills the friend and frames the other two for the murder.

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