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Killjoys - I Love Lucy

Epsiode Synopsis

This episode resolves around visiting an asteroid where a collector may have item that they are looking for. Once inside the asteroid, the collector tries to persuade Dutch that she should stay with him to keep him company. The collector has female robots (fembots) to keep him company but they're not exactly life like in the way he had hoped and in the way that Dutch is. Both D'Avin Jaqobis and his brother John have to deal with the fembots as they want to digitise the brothers. The Collector breaks down the items that he collectors and stores them in electronic form. The brothers on discovering the true plans try to make a run for it. The brothers are assisted by a robot that has the personality of Lucy, their ships company.

After the collector fakes his own death, the fembots have a mind of their own and they're all in danger. The collector agrees to the demands of the Killjoys and four of them make a run for the Killjoys ship and escape before the asteroid is destroyed. Dutch has got her item that she was looking for.

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