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Killjoys - Kiss, Kiss, Bye, Bye

Epsiode Synopsis

Determined to find out about D'Avin Jaqobis lost memories, the killjoys break into an asylm on Westerley to rescue an inpatient who they think knows something to help them track down Dr. Jaeger who cleared the memories of D'Avin. The killjoys take Grayson Hicks, the patient to Utopia, a space station to help them locate Dr. Jaeger. Whilst onboard the station, the flirtation between D'avin and Dutch gets serious and they kiss.

They track Jaeger down and force her to return D'avin memories which she agrees to after a bit of coercion.

Onboard the killjoys craft, D'avin and Dutch have made it into bed where they have sex. John Jaqobis discovers his brother is having sex and walks back out of the craft and goes to Pree's bar to drown his sorrows. Pree tells John that he's jealous but John tells him that he sees it as more a case of incest as he sees Dutch as a sister.

After the sex, D'avin then attacks and tries to kill Dutch who is trouserless but is wearing a shirt and boots. The two fight it out around the craft. Dutch manages to overpower D'avin when they are in the cargo-hold and ties him up. When John returns to the craft, he is shocked to discover what has happened. Dutch says she's going to see Dr. Jaeger to undo the damage whilst JOhn looks after his brother. When Dutch has left, D'avin manages to pull a knife from his brothers belt and stabs his brother then escapes.

Dutch gets trapped in between two invisible walls by Dr. Jaeger but after conversing with her, Dutch finds out what Dr. Jaeger was up to. Jaeger had devised a way to make soldiers turn on their comrades and that is what D'avin was doing, killing or attempting to kill John and Dutch in the process. Dutch manages to break out of the cell and confront Dr Jaeger before D'avin breaks into the office. Dr. Jaeger turns off D'avins mind control.

In this episode we learn that Dutch is a nickname and that her real name is Yalena.

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