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Killjoys - One Blood

Epsiode Synopsis

A black warrant has been issused which meant that all Killjoys are required to work on the assignment to get the job done. The target is a Killjoy who has gone rogue. The target is Big Joe, someone who all other Killjoys look up to including Dutch. Whilst the assignment is being given out, Dutch leaves the rest of the team to see Khlyen who demands that Dutch travels to Leith to get the device that the Killjoys are sent to retrieve. When Dutch doesn't return, the two Jaqobi brothers begin the mission. The Jaqobis work alongside another KIlljoy, Fancy Lee to get the job done. Khylen puts a neural link into Dutch so that he can keep tabs on her.

On Leith, Dutch catches up with the Killjoy that shes been asked to capture but they are both captured by some locals and held prisoner in a barn in a nearby farm.

The Jaqobis arrive on the planet and follow the trail to where Dutch is being held. D'Avin Jaqobis decides to go into the barn alone whilst his brother John Jaqobis and Fancy Lee take out the people on the outside. After D'avin has managed to rescue Dutch, one of the hostage takers activates a weapon which kills nearly everyone in the vicinity except the Killjoys and the farm leader. It turns out the weapon that they were after in addition to the rogue is a DNA killer, it will only kill those people whose DNA matches the blood of their target. The person who activated the weapon spilt his blood on the weapon and therefore got his family targeted.

After they arrive back on Westerley, they are ordered to kill Big Joe but neither Dutch or either of the brothers can bring themselves round to doing it so Fancy Lee steps forward and carries out the execution.

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