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Killjoys - Schooled

Epsiode Synopsis

The Killjoys are tasked with taking a young child prodigy to a school for the gifted onboard a spaceship. The father of the boy doesn't want his child to go. After a bit of persuasion, the boy is released to The Killjoys and taken to the spacestation.

For a spacestation which is a school, it seems it is all pretty quiet and then they realised that the occupants of the place are dead, they've been turned to goo. There's another group onboard the station and both groups relunctantly decide to work together to resolve the situation. The situation changes when it is known that Khlyen sent a message to the station recently.

The perpetrator behind it all is the kid's brother where John Jaqobis has to talk him out of blowing up the spacestation and letting him and his brother survive.

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