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Killjoys - The Harvest

Epsiode Synopsis

D'Avin Jaqobis applies to become a killjoy but before he can become one, he must submit to a psychological examination but a certified doctor. The Doctor agrees to pass him if he is willing to help her get supplies which he reluctantly agrees to.

John Jaqobis agrees to help a woman whose husband has disappeared whilst doing harvesting work on Leith. If the husband isn't found, she will go to jail as she sponsored his work permit on the planet. John persuades Dutch to help him search for the missing husband. They travel to the planet, where John gets a job as a harvest worker whilst Dutch impersonates a trader to get close to the harvest manager. Dutch uses all means necessary including getting romantically involved and stripping down to her underwear to get closer to the harvest manager.

John gets close to one of the other harvest workers who introduces him to a group of rebels on the planet and one of them is the missing husband. Together, John and Dutch take back the wanted man and hand him over to the authorities.

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Associated Characters

Alvis AkariD`Avin JaqobisKhlyenLucyPawter Simms

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