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Killjoys - The Sugar Point Run

Epsiode Synopsis

After a mission to capture a wanted man onboard a space ship, the killjoys are tasked with a hostage situation. They must deliver a criminal to his sister in return for a hostage. After declining it at first, the Killjoys agree to take on the mission. The killjoys travel to Sugar Point on Westerley. They are forced to land when their ship is attacked from the ground. They land in the wrong place. During commotion, their wanted man escapes.

Whilst Dutch and D'avin are dealing with the hostage, John has to deal with being surrounded by marauders who want inside the side. Realising that he can't take on the marauders who wants the ship, he seemingly wants to give up and hand over the ship. However, it is a trap and the air in the ship is removed to suffocate the intruders. All but one intruder is killed when John has to deal with him himself.

John Jaqobis stays with the ship to fix the ship whilst Dutch and D'Avin Jaqobis try to track the wanted man down. When they do find the man, they are attacked and taken hostage. When Dutch and D'avin wake up, they find themselves tied down and about to be cut up. Being tied down doesn't last for long and they manage to escape. Their bargaining chip has died but they realise the sister doesn't want the brother but what is inside of him. D'avin and Dutch take the device to the sister and use marauders from outside the building as a distraction to rescue the hostage and get out. D'avin leads the group to the top to where there is a rocket that if used would cause a lot of devastation. D'avin primes the weapon to blow up.

During the episode, we see more of Dutch, her relationship with her guardian where she is taught to kill in cold blood. She is told that whenever she sees a red box, she must kill someone or there will be consequences.

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