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Killjoys - Wild, Wild Westerley

Epsiode Synopsis

The Killjoys report for duty on board the R.A.C. space station and are surprised to see that Turin isn't dead. The Killjoys persuade Turin to give them a mission into Old Town on Westerley so they can get back into their home town. Turin gives them a mission to track down some escaped prisoners. The Killjoys accept the mission and take Pree with them as he needs to get back to his bar that has been taken over by someone else.

They manage to get back to Westerley but are unable to get into the city because of a force field but are knocked out before they are able to turn back and escape. The Killjoys and Pree wake up and discover they are being held up by their arms. They are visited by Jellco who tells them to go to the prison.

The prison is empty and lots of the inmates and guards are dead. They find someone who gives them information. They head to Pree's bar and whilst the Jaqobi brothers search around for any escaped prisoners, Dutch takes it upon herself to beat up the person who has taken over the bar. When D'avin Jaqobi says he's found one of the escapees, Dutch finishes the fight with Pree taking control of his bar again. The escaped prisoner gives away little information and then shoots himself.

With the help of Alvis Akari, the killjoys visit the leader of the escaped prisoners where the escaped prisoner wants to bargain. Before the negotiations are finished, a drone shots the leader dead and the killjoys escape with the gas canister which contains a highly toxic gas. Alvis takes the canister and plans to release the gas. Alvis gets a change of heart but is unable to stop the release. D'avin breaks into the room where the gas is being released and tries to drown the monk to save his life.

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