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Knight, Death and the Devil - Andromeda

Epsiode Synopsis

Rebekah Valentine and Seamus Harper have been left in control of the Andromeda Ascendant to sign a deal with the fiftieth member of The Commonwealth. The leader of the planet will only deal with Dylan Hunt who is off the ship at the time. Seamus comes up with a plan to trick the leader of the planet by tricking the leader into thinking that Rebekah is Dylan by using C.G.I. trickery. The plan works but a minute later falls apart when the leader reopens the communication channel and catches Rebekah. Later, Rebekah goes down to the planet on her own after being persuaded to by Trance Gemini and meets with the Leader who agrees to join.

Dylan Hunt has tracked down Ryan, a ship's android that has ventured off to do his own thing rather than stay with his ship. Ryan is working at a casino on a space station. When Dylan comes to see Ryan, Ryan refuses to go with Dylan so Dylan kidnaps the robot and leaves the station. If the character looks familiar, that's because its played by Michael Hurst, the actor who played Ioalus in Hercules, the series that Kevin Sorbo was in before this one.

Dylan believes that Ryan knows the locations of old Commonwealth battleships that Dylan needs to get to before the Nietzscheans do. Ryan directs Dylan directly to the location, near a star. For this mission, Dylan uses the Eureka Maru and is partnered with Tyr Anasazi and Rommie.

Dylan gets onboard the Achilles where he is then challenged by the Achilles Android. Achilles Android is played by Christopher Judge, who played Teal'c in Stargate series. Rommie connects into the ships computer and ensures that the Achilles accepts the chain of command. Although Achilles accepts the chain of command, the other battleships such as Milla needs convincing. Milla calls Ryan a coward for leaving.

Eventually Milla and the other androids come round to Dylan and agree to join the commonwealth. Nietzscheans attack and get aboard Achilles, during the battle, the Achilles Android is killed. After despatching the Nietzscheans, Ryan assumes command of the Achilles.

The title comes from a famous painting by Albrecht Dürer who painted it in 1513. The painting is of a prison camp. Dylan is the Knight but is also seen as Devil by the other ships. The Devil is the Nietzscheans who want to erase the computer A.I. to install their own.

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