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Battlestar Galactica - Know thy Enemy

Epsiode Synopsis

We see the events and aftermath of what happened when Sam Adama broke into the Vergis Corporation research headquarters on Tauron. Tomas Vergis, the head of the company decides to get his own back on Daniel Graystone as he believes he is behind the theft and murder. Tom travels to Caprica and goes on the main chat show host show to tell everyone that Tomas is moving to Tauron to gain citizenship. Tomas also visits Daniel to tell him he holds Daniel responsible for the theft and the deaths of his colleagues. Tomas reveals that he plans to buy the Caprica Bucaneers, the primary Pyramids team on Caprica.

Sister Clarice Willow sets about gaining access and downloading data from Daniels computer. Clarice phones Amanda Graystone and then pays a visit on the context of bringing over some of Zoe Graystone's book. Clarice talks her way into the private computer lab of Daniels and downloads the data when Amanda isn't looking.

On hearing that Philo is unable to get a girlfriend, Zoe's avatar creates a date email and makes Philo happy. Philo goes into a virtual pub to meet Zoe. Philo realises that the avatar looks like Zoe but he doesn't care.

Lacy Rand is introduced to Barnabus, a senior member of the Soldiers of the One. Lacy believes that Barnabus can help Lacy get a machine to Gemenon but Barnabus is uninterested. The person who had introduced Lacy to Barnabus was the person who had created the bomb which killed the real Zoe at the start of the series.

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