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Kobols Last Gleaming - Battlestar Galactica

Epsiode Synopsis

Part 1

Captain Lee Adama and his father Commander William Adama fighting it out in a practice session. Lieutenant Kara Thrace is having sex with an unknown man. Lieutenant Helo is trying to avoid Lieutenant Sharon Valerii on the planet of Caprica as he has discovered she is a Cylon.

Crashdown and the Caprica Boomer jump to within a hairs breaths of a planets atmosphere. The planet they later identify to be Kobol, the original home of the twelve colonies. Commander Adama and the President Laura Roslin discuss who should go on the away mission to the planet. Doctor Gaius Baltar volunteers himself for the mission on the grounds he can do work quicker on the planet than wait for the artifacts be brought back up to the Galactica for him to research.

Boomer attempts to commit suicide and is caught in the act by Gauis Baltar who after a talk, he walks out and she pulls the trigger. Boomer is not killed, instead she has a bullet wound to her face and becomes laid up in bed.

The mysterious man that Starbuck had been having sex with earlier is revealed as being Gauis Baltar. The sex ends when Starbuck calls out Lee Adama's name.

A Raptor containing the Kobol landing party are attacked by a Cylon Raider and limps down to the planet.

Starbuck takes the captured Cylon Raider and jumps into space. She plans to return to Caprica to retrieve an arrow which she and the Madam President believe will point the way to Earth.

Part 2

On Kobol (2003), the survivors of the downed Colonial Raptor escape from the craft before it blows up. Cpl. Tyrol has to suggest what actions to take when Crashdown is unable to take stock of the situation.

Commander William Adama confronts President Laura Roslin over the actions of Lieutenant Kara Thrace ( Starbuck ) who in the last episode took the Cylon Raider that she had recovered in You cant go home again to return to Caprica. When Laura acknowledges that she sent Starbuck to Caprica, Adama orders Col. Saul Tigh and Capt. Lee Adama ( Apollo ) plus armed marines to arrest the President.

Adama asks Lieutenant Sharon Valerii ( Boomer ) and Lieutenant Margaret 'Racetrack' Edmondson to fly a Raptor into a Cylon Basestar and explode a nuclear weapon inside. When the missile can't be freed, Boomer flies the Raptor inside the Basestar and lands. Boomer gets out to free the nuclear bomb whilst Racetrack stays inside. Whilst on her own inside the Basestar, Boomer is confront by naked silhouetted copies of herself who say shes one of them which she is in denial about.

When Saul confronts the President, Apollo changes sides and points a gun at Saul telling him that he (Apollo) is defending democracy and can't let the President be arrested. Roslin in the end decides to hand herself over to Saul who takes her back to Battlestar Galactica where Adama puts her in the Brig (Prison).

On Kobol, Doctor Gaius Baltar is unconscious but believes he is awake after being taken round the planet by his Number Six vision. They end up in a theatre room.

Starbuck lands on Caprica having successfully passed the Basestar without being seen because of the transponder she had on the craft. The transponder told Cylons that the ship was a Cylon ship and so not to be attacked. The only other transponder that the Galactica fleet had was in use by Boomer as she attempted to blow up the Basestar over Kobol. After exploring, Kara finds the Delphi Museum which contains the arrow that leads to where Earth is. After finding the arrow, she is attacked by a Number Six clone who attacks Kara. Lieutenant Helo and Boomer arrive as the fight ends. Before Kara can shoot Boomer, Helo tells Kara that Boomer is pregnant which he had just found out earlier in the episode.

On Galactica, William Adama congratulates Boomer who grabs her weapon and shoots Adama.

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