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Andromeda - Last Call at the Broken Hammer

Epsiode Synopsis

Dylan Hunt along with crew members, Rebekah Valentine, Trance Gemini and Tyr Anasazi are on the Eureka Maru to a planet where they hope to find Isabella Ortiz. Ortiz is believed to be able to help Dylan Hunt in his quest to recreate the Commonwealth. The adventure takes place in the Large Magellanic galaxy, not in the Milky Way.

The Eureka Maru lands on the planet where the crew don't quite endear themselves with the locals and start a small skirmish between the Andromeda Ascendant crew and the people in the cavern. After a short confrontation betwen the two groups, Ortiz appears and Dylan recognises her. Ortiz doesn't want anything to do with the new Commonwealth but Dylan Hunt persists in trying with his charms.

In a later melee Trance Gemini tries to save the life of Ortiz. Trance looses her tail but is put back on by Ortiz who is a doctor by trade. Trance is given drink to get her drunk so that she's won't feel the pain which works.

The tavern comes under attack from Kaldarens who are after Ortiz. During a break in the fighting, a pregnant woman in the bar shoots and kills Ortiz because she thinks giving the Kaldarens what they want will make them go away. Dylan realises that Sophia, the bar maid is actually Ortiz because Ortiz would only answer questions when Sophia was in the room. Sophia comes clean and admits she is Ortiz. Ortiz had change looks including skin colour with another woman.

The dead Ortiz is handed over to the Kaldarens but it doesn't stop the attack and the Kaldarens launch a raid into the tavern. The crew of the Ascendant fight back and eventually win against the Kaldarens. The real Ortiz leaves with Dylan Hunt and the crew.

Neither Seamus Harper nor the Andromeda Ascendant robot Rommie appear in this episode.

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