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Lava and Rockets - Andromeda

Epsiode Synopsis

When Tyr Anasazi returns alone from buying supplies, Rommie is none too pleased with Tyr and sends him back to find Dylan Hunt. Dylan Hunt on the other hand makes a new friend whilst buying supplies when he boards a freighter to escape some people after him.

The woman who owns the ship that Dylan Hunt has hidden aboard is none too pleased that Dylan is onboard. When the ship comes under fire from Orgami, both Dylan and Molly are thrust in together to escape and survive. Molly pilots the ship off the trading post and into space.

Molly and Dylan visit a trading post where Molly decides that its time to give up on Dylan and attracts the police. The police turns out to be corrupt and Molly decides to stay with Dylan to see how it lasts. Molly is attracted to Dylan. Dylan and Molly return to the ship and fly to a nearby gas giant with a lava filled moon. the moon is similar to Mustafar in the Star Wars films. Molly uses the lava eruptions to loose the pursuing ships.

Tyr and Rommie question Ferahr, a trader about what he knows of Dylans disappearance. The interrogation is interrupted by an alien force that tries to kill them. During the fight, the trader is killed.

Rommie and Tyr catch up with Dylan and it looks like Dylan is killed but its a ruse to throw the enemy off their tracks so Dylan and Molly can escape. Molly's escape pod is brought on board the Eureka Maru as it is entering a planets atmosphere and is in danger of being burnt up.

Dylan and Molly are in bed when Dylan announces that Dylan has recommended Molly to be put into high guard training. Earlier, Molly had told Dylan that she wanted an adventure which is why in the end she didn't jump ship when she could have earlier.

The crew have a hard time adjusting to the new look Trance Gemini. Trance tries to make Seamus Harper see that she's not changed but its doesn't work. Rebekah Valentine intervenes in the relationship between Seamus and Trance to bring them both together again.

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