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Lava-s A Many Splendored Thing - Farscape

Epsiode Synopsis

After being poisoned by Utu-Noranti Pralatong, the crew of Moya land on a Lava filled planet. There they take a break whilst they vomit from the food poisoning. Rygel goes off to do a little exploring and finds a treasure trove but gets stuck. He also sets off the cave security system, trapping Captain Ka Dargo, John Crichton, Nooranti and along with himself down there. The cave is filled with treasure everywhere. The alleged owners of the treasures return and capture Dominar Rygel XVI whilst the others run. During their escape, Nooranti does a dance and makes the pursuers believe that whose dancing is a young woman. They fall for it long enough for D'argo and John to deal with their enemy. The two men steal the thieves protection suits and attempt to talk to the leader of the thieves. The thieves leader doesn't trust them and traps them. Outside Sikozu Svala Shanti Sugaysi Shanu and Chiana are to trying make sense of the controls of the Luxan space ship, the one that they had arrived in which with a little bit of D'argos vomit is easy. Whilst the thieves leader is off to deal with the disturbance outside, the men manage to escape from the trap. In an ensuing fight, Rygel wrapped in amber is dropped into a pool of lava. With the protection suit, John enters the pool to find Rygel culminating in one last battle between him and the thieves leader. The crew leave after the treasures real owners turn up and Nooranti clears their safe passage off the planet.

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