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Lay Down Your Burdens - Battlestar Galactica

Epsiode Synopsis

Part 1

Lieutenant Kara Thrace has got her wish and is to lead a group of Colonial Raptors back to Caprica to rescue Samuel Anders and other remaining survivors on the planet. She is to take Lieutenant Sharon Valerii, the Cylon Clone and Lieutenant Helo along even though Sharon has just lost her baby.

The political fight for the presidency of the survivors has began and a debate between the current President Laura Roslin and Doctor Gaius Baltar is to be broadcast across the surviving crafts.

Cpl. Tyrol beats up Cally ( Battlestar ) when Cally wakes up Tyrol who is having a nightmare. Tyrol discuses his demons with Brother John Cavil, a priest. At the end of the discussion, Cavil tells Tyrol that Tyrol thinks he is a Cylon which Tyrol is unable to accept.

When the rescue raptors leave the safety of the Battlestars ( Galactica, Pegasus ), the group loose the Raptor containing Lieutenant Margaret Edmonson ( Racetrack ) from the start. The missing crew discover a Planet that looks to be able to support life and report back to Commander William Adama with the find.

Doctor Gaius Baltar on hearing of the planet is told by Tom Zarek to use the planet as part of his campaign to settle down on the planet.

The Rescue Raptors make it to the planet and it is not long before the soldiers find the survivors but immediately come under attack from the Cylons.

Part 2

The episode begins with the Team containing Lieutenant Kara Thrace ( Starbuck ) on Caprica trying to rescue a group of survivors containing Samuel Anders but are coming under fire from Cylon Centurions. For unexplicable reason, the Cylons back-off and disappear. When the survivors make their way out of the hiding hole, Brother John Cavil leads them into prayer.

When the survivors make it back to the Battlestar Galactica 2003, all hell breaks loose as Cpl. Tyrol charges as Brother Cavil when he steps off the transporter. The crew onboard the Galactica know that Cavil is a Cylon because Galactica has Cavil also. Both Cavils are taken to the brig along with Lieutenant Sharon Valerii ( Boomer ) who had failed to warn the team that Cavil is a Cylon. Boomer reveals to Lieutenant Helo that she didn't reveal Cavil as she is still hurting over her child dying.

It is the day of the election for the new president and it is looking as though Doctor Gaius Baltar is going to win, with tacit support from President Laura Roslin, Laura's chief of staff, Tory Foster initiates a plan to fix the election so that Laura stays as President. During the count, Gauis is with a Number Six where he becomes intimiate with her before she commits suicide by blowing up the Cloud 9 space ship with a nuclear device.

Lieutenant Felix Gaeta discovers anomalies in the count and alerts Commander William Adama who confronts his XO officer, Col. Saul Tigh then reports the deceit to Laura who after soul-searching reveals what is happened to Gauis who then becomes President and sworn in. As President, his first action is to take the fleet down to New Caprica which Adama reluctantly agrees to.

One Year On, the survivors have built a new community on New Caprica. Their peace doesn't last long before the Cylons arrive and occupy the new settlement. Gauis has no choice but to surrender. Aaron Doral clone reveals that the Cylons had discovered their whereabouts from radiation traces from the Cloud Nine explosion of a year ago, presumably.

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