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Epsiode Synopsis

A transport ship arrives on the Battlestar Galactica and its occupants leave the craft. One of the occupants is a Aaron Doral clone. Cpl. Tyrol and Lt. Sharon Valerii ( Boomer ) in defiance of an order by Col. Saul Tigh have a secret rendezvous. During Aaron's time on the ship, he is able to sneak into an armoury to steal some weapons. He is spotted by Tigh who alerts security. When Commander William Adama challenges Aaron, he blows himself up, killing a number of personnel as well. Adama agrees to an inquiry to be held by the Master at Arms, Sergeant Hadrian. She begins by interviewing people on the deck about their whereabouts. Each of Tyrol's men give differing accounts of where they were. Hadrian convenes a special court where she asks a range of people questions. One person confesses to leaving the door to the armoury open whilst under pressure. When it comes to Adama's questioning, he gets restless and calls the inquiry to an end. Adama and the President discuss the situation and agree to tell the fleet about the clones which angers people on every ship.

Helo, alone on Caprica heads out of the city but changes his mind to look for Boomer who has disappeared. Watching from high is a Doral, a Number Six and a Boomer clone. When Lt. Helo heads back, Number Six beats up Boomer in the hope that Helo will be fooled into thinking that she was interrogated. In an underground car park, Helo despatches two Cylon Centurions and in doing so rescues Boomer.

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Associated Characters

Aaron KellyAdmiral Helena CainAlex QuartararoAmanda GraystoneBarnabas Greeley
Becca KellyBen StarkBilly KeikeyaBoxeyBrendan 'Hotdog' Constanza
Brother John CavilCally ( Battlestar )Capt. Lee Adama ( Apollo )Capt. TroyCassiopeia
Coker FasjovikColonel Jack FiskD'anna BiersDaniel GraystoneDr. Cottle
Dr. Gaius BaltarEllen TighHera AgathonJordan DuramJoseph Adama
Lacy RandLeoben ConoyLt. AthenaLt. DillonLt. Felix Gaeta
Lt. Kara Thrace ( Starbuck )Lt. Louanne 'Kat' KatraineLt. Margaret `Racetrack` EdmondsonLuciferMother
Petty Officer Anastasia DuallaPresident Laura RoslinPriestess EloshaRomo LampkinSam Adama
Samuel AndersSerinaShannon AdamaShebaSimon O'Neill
Sister Clarice WillowTamara AdamaTom ZarekTomas VergisTory Foster
Zak AdamaZoe Graystone   

Associated Planets


Associated Aliens


Associated Spaceships

BattlestarCloud 9Colonial RaptorColonial ViperCylon Basestar
Cylon FighterResurrection Ship   

Associated Films

Battlestar GalacticaBattlestar Galactica IIBlood and Chrome
RazorThe Plan 

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