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Look at the Princess - Farscape

Epsiode Synopsis

Part 1 - A Kiss is but a Kiss

After sharing a private moment with Aeryn in the Farscape module, it all goes wrong for John as she shrugs off his advances. Moya arrives at a planet that is a sebacean output. There's a misunderstanding between the crew and the planets inhabitants until Rygel manages to soothe things over. They get permission to land. John heads ogff to look for D'argo and walks in on him as he's having sex with Chiana. John Crichton, Aeryn Sun, Chiana, Dominar Rygel XVI and D'argo visit the planet and enter a nightclub where kissing is the norm. Aeryn avoids attempts by the inhabitants for a kiss but in the end, she kisses Rygel to scare the hopeful away and it works. Scorpius' battle cruiser approaches the planet prompting Pau Zotoh Zhaan to order a starburst to lure the cruiser away. John kisses a sebacean who it turns out he is compatible with to create a child. The sebacean, Katralla is a Princess who must marry otherwise her brother Clavor will get the throne. Clavor had poisoned his sister so she could not conceive a child. Scorpius gives D'argo the shock of his lide when he turns up and all he wants to do is to talk, give him Crichton and they have their freedom. John declines the marriage proposal between him and Katralla. After hearing the refusal, the Empress reveals Scorpius and gives him an ultimatum, either marry the princess or be handed over to Scorpius. John changes his mind and agrees to marry the Princess. Aeryn watches a meeting between the Princess and Councillor Tyno that they really want to marry one another and can't believe what her mum is doing. Aeryn reports back to Chiana and D'argo but they're not interested. Moya ignores the requests to turn round and heads into a star cloud. The Scarran bumps into Aeryn and wants to know about any invasion force that might be on their way but the chat soon turns to violence. The violence is only stopped when the Empress arrives. John finds out who she wants but why she can't. John is shown what any child of his and the Princess could look like if its a boy. Moya finally arrives at her destination point, a star cloud that contains the Leviathan's buildings, i.e. her god. John tells D'argo that he's going to be turned into a statue with the Princess for eighty cycles until it her time to become the Empress. Aeryn finds out this and she's angry. she wants to know why John didn't tell her and she had to find out for herself. Whilst getting ready for the ceremony, he's attacked by thugs loyal to Clavor.

Part 2 - I do, I think

Jenavian, a female Peacekeeper who also made an appearance in the previous episode saves John Crichton from being killed. She's a Disruptor, a highly secretive Peacekeeper agent. She orders him to go through with the wedding to prevent the Prince from getting the crown. If he were to get the crown, the Scarran would have an immense amount of power on the planet. John has a word with Prince Clavor about the incident where the Prince cowers. Pau Zotoh Zhaan and the Pilot have to deal with smoke entering Moya from outside. The smoke becomes a living person, the ships deity wants to decommission her because she gave birth to a gunship. Aeryn Sun and Chiana are talking when they're interrupted by someone wanting to kiss Aeryn so she tells him to get lost and says its her fault so don't feel bad. John and the Princess are alone in a room when a metal ball appears floating, it lets out gas poisoning them. They escape with Ro-na, a lizard like person enters the room and leads them to safety. Rygel and the Empress come up with a plan to solve the problem in hand. Ro-na revels herself to be an agent of Scorpius before John leaves the planet with her. Aeryn interrupts a discussion between the Princess and Councillor Tyo to threaten them that if John is hurt, she'll come after them. Chiana gate-crashes the Scarran and Prince's meeting to warn them off John. John and Ro-na arrive aboard their destination, a space ship outside the planets atmosphere. Bracca appears and captures John but only after a communique with Scorpius. John whilst no one is looking turns on the ships weaponry which activates the planets defences. The ship he's on is damaged. Bracca leaves the ship in a spacesuit. After managing to escape the decaying ship by using the blast of an explosion to catapult him to safety, John wakes up with Captain Ka Dargo hanging over him. Aeryn invites the man who's been chasing her to go for a little exploring which he agrees. She is not happy with what John plans to do. The wedding goes ahead with Scorpius as a guest. After the ceremony, the couple are turned to stone.

Part 3 - The Maltese Crichton

D'argo, Rygel and Chiana chat with John who is now a statue through a headpiece. Dominar Rygel XVI decides to stay with John Crichton whilst he's a statue. Clavor and the Scarran visit the statue and chop off his head and take it away to boil it to nothing. Aeryn and her fancier go mountain climbing. Empress goes mad at the revelation of the missing head. Scorpius recovers John's head but it is taken off him. Pau Zotoh Zhaan gets her revenge on the deity by sucking into a vacuum. The Jenavian, the female peacekeeper obtains John's head and re-energises him. Aeryn and her friend get in trouble on the cliff whilst climbing and fall. Jenavian takes John to a tent to interrogate him, the nice way without any torture. The deity releases Moya from her death. The Scarran interrupts a friendly chat between D'argo and Scorpius. D'argo and the Scarran race each other to find Chiana which the Scarran wins. The Scarran kills Prince Clavor as he no longer wants the deal honoured that he made. John and Jenavian enjoy a night together by the tent on the lake side. Aeryn and fancier do the same where they are. Scorpius and D'argo enter the Scarran lair with Chiana tied up over a boiling pot of acid. As the Scarran wins a fight between him, D'argo and Scorpius. John comes runiing in to take care of the Scarrans. As Chiana falls into the boiling pot, D'argo jumps and saves her. The Empress reveals that the Princess is pregnant with John's child. They had taken John's DNA earlier and created a foetus with it. As John can't be turned into stone again so Councillor Tyno takes his place. Before leaving, John sees his daughter in a virtual imager. John and Aeryn Sun kiss using the planets custom.

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