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Lost in a Space That isnt There - Andromeda

Epsiode Synopsis

When a group of bounty hunters manage to keep following the Andromeda Ascendant through slipstream, Dylan Hunt and Rommie begin an investigation. They rule out all the crew except the senior members and identify the person most likely to be the culprit.

Seamus Harper sets about doing a surprise party for Beka Valentine but it falls flat when Dylan comes to arrest Beka. Dylan accuses Beka of being the mole and with every ones help, Beka is rendered unconscious.

Rommie and Trance Gemini begins the medical investigation into what has caused Beka to turn to the dark side. It is believed that Beka became possessed when she was last with Tyr Anasazi in his last appearance.

A throw away comment by Telemachus Rhade gives Dylan and idea on what to do. Dylan links brains and goes in to find Beka. He find Beka only wearing a cloth round herself and tries to lead her out. Beka changes clothes and fights with Dylan and Dylan ends up winning. The Spirit of the Abyss is esponged but comes into the real world.

Trance Gemini goes under to turn into a star to finally defeat the Spirit of the Abyss.

Episode Details

Previous EpisodeFear Burns Down to Ashes
Next EpisodeAbridging the Devils Divide

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